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  • Health Services

Health Service in Feridhoo started by means of Family Health Section in Island office.Only a Family Health Worker is appointed for that section and it provides very indispensable health services, such as Family planning, dressing etc…..And has a inadequate stocks of medicines.After ages of Family health Sections a new epoch of Feridhoo health Service started in 2003.

Feridhoo Health Center was opened at 1 April 2003, the opening ceremony was inaugurated by Hon.Minister of Health Ahmed Abdulla, Deligates from the atoll took part in the function, first it operated in a privately owned house name “happy life” at the same time the construction of new building for Health Center was under way.

From 1st of May 2003 the Health Centers Work was reallocated to New Building. At First Feridhoo Health Center’s services was provided by a Community Health Worker and a Foolhumai. But at the end of 2003, there was a Doctor, Staff nurse, and Interpreter in service. In the past years, health center has done a ton of works to improve the quality of services it provides to islanders.

Main Objective of Feridhoo health center is to provide fast, efficient and quality health services to those who come in need. Many collaborative works has to been done with the other government offices in the island and NGO’s to improve the general health condition in the island and to create awareness in health related fields. 

  • Standard of living and Economic status.

General living standard of Feridhoo is good. Most of the islands is working population is involved in tertiary industry. There are 2 fishing boats do regular fishing. There are 4 retail shops and 12 souvenir shops. Over 80% of working population of Feridhoo involves directly to an economic activity. Most of the houses were constructed with cement and limestone. Timely Feridhoo is taking steps to achieve new economic heights. 

  • Education

AA. Atoll School which is in Feridhoo was opened at 10th of February 1986 . Medium of teaching is English. Standard of teaching is O’ level. Due to increase in number of migrants, the number of students studying AA. Atoll School reduced dramatically. Literacy rate of Feridhoo is above 98%. And parents are investing much on there children education. 

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Ayathulla shakeel(+960) 7904159
Administrative Officer
sharafulla Shakeel(+960)7939606
Family Health Officer
Section In-charge